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(Widely applicable circuits)

A model for how correlation depends on the neuronal excitability type (Hong et al. 2012)
Boolean network-based analysis of the apoptosis network (Mai and Liu 2009)
Cell splitting in neural networks extends strong scaling (Hines et al. 2008)
Cytoplasmic electric fields and electroosmosis (Andreev 2013)
Excitatory and inhibitory interactions in populations of model neurons (Wilson and Cowan 1972)
Fast oscillations in inhibitory networks (Maex, De Schutter 2003)
Ion concentration dynamics as a mechanism for neuronal bursting (Barreto & Cressman 2011)
Learning spatial transformations through STDP (Davison, Fr├ęgnac 2006)
Role of Ih in firing patterns of cold thermoreceptors (Orio et al., 2012)

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