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Database: OdorMapDB [Schema][Diagram]
 DB ID: 7
 Name: odormapdb  
 Caption: OdorMapDB 
 Long Caption: Odor Map Database
 Description: OdorMapDB is designed to be a database to support the experimental analysis of the molecular and functional organization of the olfactory bulb and its basis for the perception of smell.
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 Main Class: Odor Map
 Menu Colors
Page BG: BG: BG: BG:    #ffffff
Menu BG:    #ffcc88
Selected Item:    #FFAA00
Unselected Item:    #eedddd
Info BG:    #a9a9a9
 List Colors
Background:    #ffffff
Header:    #f5deb3
Content:    #dcdcdc
Grid:    #e0ffff
Fixed Row BG:    #dcdcdc
 Data Colors
Background:    #ffffff
Object Row:    #b0e0e6
Attribute Row:    #d2b48c
Content BG:    #e0ffff
Attributte Caption:    #dcdcdc
Action Bar:    #a9a9a9
 Administrator email: 
 Web Path: OdorMapDB
 Version Number: 3
 Version Date: 4/8/2002 11:21:57 AM


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 System: SenseLab Administrator