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Computational model
NameAvailability of low-threshold Ca2+ current in retinal ganglion cells (Lee SC et al. 2003)
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leeEtAl2003 [? bytes]
Notes"... we measured T-type current of isolated goldfish retinal ganglion cells with perforated-patch voltageclamp methods in solutions containing a normal extracellular Ca2+ concentration. The voltage sensitivities and rates of current activation, inactivation, deactivation, and recovery from inactivation were similar to those of expressed +1G (CaV3.1) Ca2+ channel clones, except that the rate of deactivation was significantly faster. We reproduced the amplitude and kinetics of measured T currents with a numerical simulation based on a kinetic model developed for an +1G Ca2+ channel. Finally, we show that this model predicts the increase of T-type current made available between resting potential and spike threshold by repetitive hyperpolarizations presented at rates that are within the bandwidth of signals processed in situ by these neurons."
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Retina ganglion cell show other
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I T low threshold show other
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NEURON show other
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Lee SC, Hayashida Y, Ishida AT (2003) show other
Cav3.1 CACNA1G show other
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Retina show other
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Hayashida, Yuki [yukih at] show other
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