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Computational model
NameA single column thalamocortical network model (Traub et al 2005)
Model File
traubEtAl2005 [? bytes]
NotesTo better understand population phenomena in thalamocortical neuronal ensembles, we have constructed a preliminary network model with 3,560 multicompartment neurons (containing soma, branching dendrites, and a portion of axon). Types of neurons included superficial pyramids (with regular spiking [RS] and fast rhythmic bursting [FRB] firing behaviors); RS spiny stellates; fast spiking (FS) interneurons, with basket-type and axoaxonic types of connectivity, and located in superficial and deep cortical layers; low threshold spiking (LTS) interneurons, that contacted principal cell dendrites; deep pyramids, that could have RS or intrinsic bursting (IB) firing behaviors, and endowed either with non-tufted apical dendrites or with long tufted apical dendrites; thalamocortical relay (TCR) cells; and nucleus reticularis (nRT) cells. To the extent possible, both electrophysiology and synaptic connectivity were based on published data, although many arbitrary choices were necessary.
Model Neurons
Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron show other
Thalamus reticular nucleus cell show other
Neocortex layer 5-6 pyramidal cell show other
Neocortex layer 2-3 pyramidal cell show other
More Cells
Neocortex fast spiking (FS) interneuron show other
Neocortex spiking regular (RS) neuron show other
Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron show other
Model Currents
I Na,p show other
I Na,t show other
I L high threshold show other
I T low threshold show other
I A show other
I K show other
I M show other
I h show other
I K,Ca show other
I Calcium show other
I A, slow show other
Model Receptors
GabaA show other
AMPA show other
NMDA show other
Model Type
Network show other
Model Concept
Activity Patterns show other
Bursting show other
Temporal Pattern Generation show other
Oscillations show other
Simplified Models show other
Epilepsy show other
Sleep show other
Simulator software
NEURON show other
FORTRAN show other
Model papers
Traub RD, Contreras D, Cunningham MO, Murray H, Lebeau FE, Roopun A, Bibbig A, et al (2005) show other
Traub RD, Contreras D, Whittington MA (2005) show other
hg folder name (applicable when in ModelDB hg)
Region Organism
Neocortex show other
Thalamus show other
Gap Junctions
Gap junctions show other
Model ID Number
Implemented by
Traub, Roger D  show other
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Model Neurotransmitters
Other Neurondeep cortical interneuron
Other Receptor
Other Current
Other Neurotransmitter
Other Model Type
Other ConceptEpilepsy, Sleep spindles
Other Simulator
Other Implementer
Alternative Version
NEURON show other
g77 show other
nrntraub with pattern.mod show other
NEURON 7 show other
neuroConstruct show other
Default File Notesifc fortran
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