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Computational model
NameBiologically-plausible models for spatial navigation (Cannon et al 2003)
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NotesHypotheses about how parahippocampal and hippocampal structures may be involved in spatial navigation tasks are implemented in a model of a virtual rat navigating through a virtual environment in search of a food reward. The model incorporates theta oscillations to separate encoding from retrieval and yields testable predictions about the phase relations of spiking activity to theta oscillations in different parts of the hippocampal formation at various stages of the behavioral task. See paper for more and details.
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Cannon RC, Hasselmo ME, Koene RA (2003) show other
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Cannon, Robert C [Robert.C.Cannon at] show other
Koene, Randal A [randalk at] show other
Hasselmo, Michael E [hasselmo at] show other
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