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Models that contain the Current : I_SERCA

(Sarco/Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase)

Calcium waves in neuroblastoma cells (Fink et al. 2000)
Endothelin action on pituitary latotrophs (Bertram et al. 2006)
Excitation-contraction coupling/mitochondrial energetics (ECME) model (Cortassa et al. 2006)
INa and IKv4.3 heterogeneity in canine LV myocytes (Flaim et al 2006)
Neuronal dendrite calcium wave model (Neymotin et al, 2015)
Ventricular cell model (Luo Rudy dynamic model) (Luo Rudy 1994) used in (Wang et al 2006) (XPP)

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