ModelDB: Ca(2+) oscillations based on Ca-induced Ca-release (Dupont et al 1991)

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Ca(2+) oscillations based on Ca-induced Ca-release (Dupont et al 1991)
Accession: 58199
We consider a simple, minimal model for signal-induced Ca2+ oscillations based on Ca(2+)-induced Ca2+ release. The model takes into account the existence of two pools of intracellular Ca2+, namely, one sensitive to inositol 1,4,5 trisphosphate (InsP3) whose synthesis is elicited by the stimulus, and one insensitive to InsP3. See paper for more and details.
Reference: Dupont G, Berridge MJ, Goldbeter A (1991) Signal-induced Ca2+ oscillations: properties of a model based on Ca(2+)-induced Ca2+ release. Cell Calcium 12:73-85 [PubMed]
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Model Type:  
Brain Region(s)/Organism:  
Cell Type(s):   
Channel(s):  I Calcium;  
Gap Junctions:  
Transmitter(s):  Ions;
Simulation Environment:  XPP;
Model Concept(s):  Oscillations; Simplified Models; Signaling pathways; Calcium dynamics; Calcium waves;
Implementer(s):  Wu, Sheng-Nan [snwu at]; Chang, Han-Dong; Wu, Jiun-Shian [coolneon at];
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