Odor Map
Namec-fos glomerular activation patterns (a comparison for H-2b and H-2k male urine odors)
StrainBALB/C (H-2d)
Age12 to 20 weeks
Brain RegionMain olfactory bulb
Sub RegionGlomerular layer
Serial Number
Odorant Blend
Male Mouse Urine (H-2K) show other
Male Mouse Urine (H-2b) show other
Concentration20% v/v of urine
Exposure Time30 minutes
Exposure Frequency3 min at 5 min intervals
c-fos in situ hybridization show other
NoteComparison of c-fos glomerular activity elicited by H-2b and H-2k male urine in the main olfactory bulbs of H-2d female mice. A, B, Color contour maps of the average evoked glomerular activity by either H-2b (A) or H-2k (B) urine. C, Map of the difference between H-2b and H-2k urine odor representations. p values for Mann-Whitney U tests are shown at each bin within the map. Color bar on the top of A shows the density of active glomeruli. Color bar on the top of C shows p values. The black border was drawn to indicate the limits of the Bonferoni Correction (p < 6 × 105) in C and used to overlay maps in A and B. D, Prediction of H-2 haplotype using H-2b and H-2k average odor maps in A and B, respectively, as templates. All individual maps used to construct averages in Figures 2 and 3 were tested. The graph shows the mean SSQ ratio at each urine odor concentration. A value <1 means the H-2 haplotype was correctly predicted from the individual map. Error bars plotted in one direction to avoid overlap represent SEM.
AuthorsMichele L. Schaefer, David A. Young, and Diego Restrepo
Map Picture
Scan Number Control
Scan Number Stimulate
Subject Count4 for each odor
Image Resolution
Image Size
Primary Data
Behavioral Study

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