Odor Map
NamefMRI Activity in Accessory Olfactory Bulb
Weight30 grams
Brain RegionOlfactory bulb
Sub Region
Serial Number
Odorant Blend
Mixture of methyl anisole, patchone, indole, helional, butyrophenone and fenchone show other
Concentration1% each odorant (v/v)
Exposure Time2 minutes
Exposure Frequency
fMRI show other
NoteThe AOB (pink circles) can be activated by odorants without known pheromonal functions. Exposure duration: 2 minutes; mixture components: methyl anisole, patchone, indole, helional, butyrophenone and fenchone; concentration, 1% each (v/v). The locations of the slices are indicated under the images. Scale bar = 1.0 mm.
AuthorsFuqiang Xu, Michele Schaefer, Ikuhiro Kida, James Schafer, Nian Liu, Douglas L. Rothman, Fahmeed Hyder, Diego Restrepo, and Gordon M. Shepherd
Map Picture
Scan Number Control
Scan Number Stimulate
Subject Count
Image Resolution
Image Size
Primary Data
Behavioral Study

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