Odor Map
NameComparison of Activity Patterns in the MOB and the AOB
Weight30 grams
Brain RegionOlfactory bulb
Sub Region
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AMYL ACETATE show other
2-HEPTANONE show other
Odorant Blend
Concentration1% (v/v)
Exposure Time
Exposure Frequency
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NotePatterns of 2-heptanone in the MOB and the AOB. a: The patterns elicited by 2-heptonone at 1% (v/v) in seven consecutive coronal slices. The pheromone activates both the MOB and the AOB (pink circle in slice 5). b: Odor map orientation: A, anterior; D, dorsal; L, lateral; M, medial; P, posterior; V, ventral. c,d: Odor maps elicited by 2-heptanone (Hep) and amyl acetate (AA) across the whole MOB in two different mice. Scale bar = 500 uM in a.
AuthorsFuqiang Xu, Michele Schaefer, Ikuhiro Kida, James Schafer, Nian Liu, Douglas L. Rothman, Fahmeed Hyder, Diego Restrepo, and Gordon M. Shepherd
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Behavioral Study

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