Odor Map
Namec-fos activity patterns for air- and ethyl acetate-exposed mice
Age3 months
Brain Regionolfactory bulb
Sub Regionglomerular layer
Serial Number
ETHYL ACETATE show other
FRESH AIR show other
Odorant Blend
Concentration0.01% EA in mineral oil
Exposure Time
Exposure Frequency
c-fos in situ hybridization show other
Note(A–C) Averaged density odor maps from naïve, air-exposed mice (n = 6); naïve, EA-exposed mice (n = 5); and trained, EA-exposed mice (n = 6), respectively. In each odor map, each averaged bin is plotted according to its cylindrical coordinates: angle versus rostral–caudal distance from the anterior landmark. The color of each bin indicates its average histogram count and ranges from 0 to up 3.6 (in the trained map). Gray indicates regions of the bulb that did not contain any active glomeruli. The white arrows indicate the corresponding regions in each map. (D) Mann–Whitney P value map. Five EA odor maps from the naïve animals were compared to six EA odor maps from the trained animals. Each bin has a P value corresponding to the probability that summed bin counts from the naïve group are different than the counts from the trained group. As in A–C, bins are plotted according to their cylindrical coordinates. The color of each bin corresponds to its P value, with bluer colors indicating less significance and the redder colors indicating more significance. The black outlines enclose the FDR determined regions of significance. (E, F) 3-D representations of the odor maps plotted in B and C oriented so that the rostral aspect of the bulb projects out of the page diagonally to the left, dorsal aspect is on the top, and the lateral aspect projects out of the page diagonally to the right.
AuthorsErnesto Salcedo, Chunbo Zhang, Eugene Kronberg, and Diego Restrepo
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Primary Data
Behavioral Study

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