Olfactory Bulb Odor Map

c-fos Data
Odor exposure may increase mRNA expression of the immediate early gene c-fos, a transcription factor that activates the expression of other genes, in the main olfactory bulb (Guthrie et al., 1993). Odor maps showing the c-fos activity patterns provide insight into how odor information is encoded in the olfactory bulb at the gene expression level. The data and the maps are accessed through the links below.

Other resources: Restrepo Lab at the University of Colorado Health Center

Odorant: Name CAS Number Chemical Formula

Odorant Blend:
Fresh Air
Male Mouse Urine (H-2 bm1)
Male Mouse Urine (H-2 bm8)
Male Mouse Urine (H-2b)
Male Mouse Urine (H-2K)

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