Cell type: Dentate gyrus granule cell [Find More] [NeuronDB]
Model type: Single Full Neuron [Find More]
Species: Rat [Find More]
Nature: In vitro, stain unknown [Find More]
Source: NeuroMorpho.Org: n275 [Download Morphology]
3DModelDB ID: 156217

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axon smaller than dendrites

Axon at 6um, dendrites at 9um, then scaled 200x.
Magnification: 200 x
Printed volume: 2.5305 cm3
Bounding box: 8.704 cm x 17.74 cm x 2.406 cm
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Date added: 4 August 2014
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Cannon RC, Turner DA, Pyapali GK, Wheal HV (1998). An on-line archive of reconstructed hippocampal neurons. Journal of neuroscience methods, 84(1), 49-54. [PubMed] [NeuroMorpho.Org]