Cell type: Cerebellum purkinje cell [Find More] [NeuronDB]
Model type: Single Full Neuron [Find More]
Species: Rat [Find More]
Nature: Migliore synthetic [Find More]
Source: ModelDB: 151681 [Download Morphology]
3DModelDB ID: 156481

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Dendrites have been modified to have uniform thickness.
Magnification: unknown
Printed volume: 9.8162 cm3
Bounding box: 15.096 cm x 13.702 cm x 3.648 cm
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Date added: 15 August 2014
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Migliore M, Cavarretta F, Hines ML, Shepherd GM (2014) Distributed organization of a brain microcircuit analysed by three-dimensional modeling: the olfactory bulb Front. Comput. Neurosci. 8:50 [Article] [ModelDB]