Cell type: Spinal Cord Motor Neuron [Find More] [NeuronDB]
Model type: Single Full Neuron [Find More]
Species: Cat [Find More]
Nature: In vivo, Horseradish peroxidase [Find More]
Source: NeuroMorpho.Org: v_e_moto6 [Download Morphology]
3DModelDB ID: 265491

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Magnification: unknown
Printed volume: 3.27 cm3
Bounding box: 21.729 cm x 16.27 cm x 17.998 cm
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Made printable by: Gasser H. Elbanna
Date added: 29 April 2020
Printable ID: 265493


Cullheim S, Fleshman JW, Glenn LL, Burke RE (1987). Membrane area and dendritic structure in type-identified triceps surae alpha motoneurons. Journal of comparative neurology, 255(1), 68-81. [PubMed] [NeuroMorpho.Org]