Pathological mechanism (s) having Blocks as Pharmacological Action

1 Abeta (1-42) increases dopamine release in the prefrontal cortex
2 Abeta decreases dendritic spine density and motility, increases spine legth. Rolipram blocks these e
3 Abeta decreases dendritic spine number, causes dysmorphic spine shapes
4 Abeta increase in A-type K+ current is caused by modulation of Kv4 subunit expression
5 beta Amyloid increases calcium currents
6 beta Amyloid increases calcium currents (2)
7 beta-Amyloid-induced depression of LTP attenuated by Verapamil
8 Glutamatergic synaptic depression by synthetic amyloid beta-peptide in the medial septum.
9 Histidine associating compounds block Abeta Channel activity and cytotoxicity
10 p35/Cdk5 pathway mediates soluble amyloid-beta peptide-induced tau phosphorylation in vitro