Pathological mechanism (s) having Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell as Neuron

1 Abeta decreases dendritic spine density and motility, increases spine legth. Rolipram blocks these e
2 Abeta inhibits LTP both in soluble and fibrillar conformational states
3 Abeta inhibits nicotinic ACh receptors at pre-synaptic glutamatergic terminals
4 Abeta peptides block LTP in rat CA1 in vivo
5 beta Amyloid increases calcium currents
6 beta Amyloid increases calcium currents (2)
7 beta-Amyloid impairs LTP/LTD
8 beta-amyloid reduces IA
9 Model block of I_A
10 Post-synaptic Drebrin correlated with Alzheimer's cognitive decline
11 Regulation of back-propagating action potentials in hippocampal neurons.
12 Synapse Loss correlated with cognitive loss in mild Alzheimer's Disease