Pathological mechanism (s) having Brain slice preparations as Cell model

1 Abeta antagonizes alpha7 nAChR receptors; opposed by nicotine.
2 Abeta blocks voltage-gated Na+ channels in GABA neurons causing abberant excitation
3 Abeta decreases dendritic spine density and motility, increases spine legth. Rolipram blocks these e
4 Abeta inhibits LTP through TNFalpha
5 Alpha4beta2 receptor blockade causes memory impairment
6 Amyloid plaques increase elimination of dendritic spines
7 BACE1 required for LTP at mossy fiber-CA3 synapses
8 Beta-amyloid blocks high frequency stimulation induced LTP but not nicotine enhanced LTP
9 Galantamine increases dopamine release in the hippocampus
10 Glutamatergic synaptic depression by synthetic amyloid beta-peptide in the medial septum.
11 Nicotine decreases intracellular copper concentration; attenuates Abeta toxicity
12 Nicotine desensitize alpha7 nACh receptors and facilitates LTP