Pathological mechanism (s) having Late as Stage

1 Abeta causes selective neuronal mortality. This requires cell membrane binding.
2 Abeta oligomer causes aberrant activity of p-21 activated kinase
3 Abeta oligomer inhibits p-21 activated kinase and stimulates ROCK signalling
4 ACh Esterase inhibitors decrease Abeta production by influencing APP processing
5 Chronic nicotine decreases NGF and improves memory performance
6 Galantamine increases dopamine release in the hippocampus
7 Memantine reduces APP, Galantamine and Nicotine increase synaptophysin
8 Neurofibrillary tangles are correlated with spinophilin and with Alzheimer's cognitive decline
9 Nicotine decreases intracellular copper concentration; attenuates Abeta toxicity
10 Nicotine decreases intracellular Cu+2 concentration. Abeta increases.
11 Nicotine desensitize alpha7 nACh receptors and facilitates LTP
12 Nicotine increases APP and APLP2 gene expression
13 Phosphatidyl serine (BC-PS) decreases dendritic spine loss