Pathological mechanism (s) having LTP hypothesis as Hypothesis

1 Abeta inhibits late LTP in animal models of Alzheimers
2 Abeta inhibits LTP both in soluble and fibrillar conformational states
3 Abeta inhibits LTP through TNFalpha
4 Abeta oligomer inhibits p-21 activated kinase and stimulates ROCK signalling
5 Abeta peptides block LTP in rat CA1 in vivo
6 Aging decreases NMDA receptors and increases GABA A-receptor mediated inhibition
7 AMPA receptor downscaling in AD
8 Beta-amyloid blocks high frequency stimulation induced LTP but not nicotine enhanced LTP
9 beta-Amyloid impairs LTP/LTD
10 beta-Amyloid-induced depression of LTP attenuated by Verapamil
11 Inhibition of I_L impairs LTP in CA1 in vivo
12 LTP requires BDNF and is associated with cytoskeleton-associated protein
13 Memantine reduces APP, Galantamine and Nicotine increase synaptophysin
14 Nicotine desensitize alpha7 nACh receptors and facilitates LTP
15 Serum magnesium level correlates with clinical deterioration in Alzheimer's