2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

41 ca chan to cav3.2
42 ca chan to cav3.3
43 CA to CA1 basket cell
44 CA to CA1 oriens alveus intern.
45 CA to CA1 pyr
46 CA to CA3 basket cell
47 CA to CA3 basket nrn
48 CA to CA3 O-L/M internrn
49 CA to CA3 pyr nrn
50 Ca to Hippocampus CA3 axo-axonic cells
51 CA1 interneur to axo-axonic
52 ca1 interneur to basket cck/vip
53 ca1 interneur to basket pv
54 ca1 interneur to bistratified
55 ca1 interneuro to basket cck/vglut3
56 ca1 pyr cell in oriens to CB negative
57 CA1 pyr cell in radiatum to CB negative
58 CA2 interneur to GAD67
59 CA2 pyramidal neuron to RGS14
60 cardiac to heart cell
61 cardiac-vert. to cardiac atrial
62 cardiac-vert. to cardiav ventricular cell
63 Cerebellar deep nucleus neuron to deep nucleus
64 cerebellum to cerebellar golgi cell
65 cerebellum to cerebellar granule cell
66 cerebellum to cerebellar purkinje cell
67 cerebellum to cerebellum
68 cerebellum to cerebellum deep nucleus
69 Channels is a root of the extended gene tree
70 channels to ca dependent K chan
71 channels to calcium
72 channels to chloride channels
73 channels to non-specific ion channel
74 channels to sodium
75 channels to volt-gated potassium
76 chloride channels to clc-2
77 classes of cells to neuroblastoma
78 classes of cells to NG108-15
79 classes of neurons to myelinated neuron
80 CN stellate cell to T stellate cell