2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

81 coch nuc to dorsal CN
82 cochlea to auditory nerve
83 cochlea to hair cell auditory
84 cochlear nucl to ventral cochlear nucl
85 cornu ammonis (CA) to CA3 radiatum, oriens lacunosum molecular interneuron
86 Cornu Amonis (CA) to CA1 axo-axonic cell
87 Cornu amonis to CA1 bistratified cell
88 cornu amonis to CA1 PV+ fast-firing
89 cortex to inhibitory internrn
90 cortex to proj. nrn
91 crab to stg
92 crayfish motor neuron
93 crayfish to identified nonspiking internrn
94 Dentate gyrup MOPP cell
95 dentate to dentate basket cell
96 dentate to dentate granule cell
97 dentate to dentate hilar cell
98 dentate to dentate mossy cell
99 dienceph to hypothalamus
100 dienceph to retina
101 dienceph to thalamus
102 Dopamine receptor to D1
103 Dopamine receptor to D2
104 dorsal cn to CN pyr fusiform cell
105 Dorsal Horn to Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell type Ia
106 Dorsal Horn to Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell type II
107 dorsal horn to lamina I neuron
108 dorsal horn to wide dynamic range neuron
109 Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell
110 drosophila to drosoph. projection nrn
111 egg-laying circuit to HSN
112 egg-laying circuit to uv1
113 egg-laying circuit to VC
114 elec fish to ell pyr cell
115 elec fish to midbrain torus semicirc. nrn
116 elec fish to p- and t- type primary afferent
117 Enteric Nervous System
118 enteric nervous system to ICCim
119 enteric nervous system to ICCmy
120 enteric nervous system to Intrinsic sensory neuron of gut