2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

161 inhib inter nrn to T SU C
162 inhib internrn to T H L
163 inner ear to cochlea
164 inner ear to vestibular organ
165 Intramuscular interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCIM)
166 invert to aplysia (circuit)
167 invert to c. elegans
168 invert to cardiac-invert
169 invert to crab
170 invert to crayfish
171 invert to drosophila
172 invert to fly
173 invert to fly
174 invert to hawkmoth deilephilia elpenor (circuit)
175 Invert to Helix pomatia
176 invert to helix pomatia (snail) (circuit)
177 invert to Hermissenda
178 invert to Hirudo
179 invert to honeybee
180 invert to leech (circuit)
181 invert to locust
182 invert to squid axon
183 invert to stg (circuit)
184 invert to tritonia
185 invert to tritonia (circuit)
186 Invertebrate is a root of the Regions table
187 invertebrate to aplysia
188 invertebrate to Stick insect
189 K chan to herg
190 K chan to irk
191 K chan to Kir2.1
192 K chan to Kir2.2
193 K chan to kir2.3
194 K chan to Kir2.4
195 K chan to kir6.2
196 K chan to kv 1.2
197 K chan to kv 4.1
198 K chan to kv1.1
199 K chan to kv1.3
200 K chan to kv1.4