2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

1 Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron
2 Abstract integrate-and-fire fractional leaky neuron
3 Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron
4 Abstract Izhikevich neuron
5 Abstract Morris-Lecar neuron
6 Abstract single compartment conductance based cell
7 Abstract theta neuron
8 Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron
9 AChR to NAChR alpha 7
10 adenohypophysis to pituitary cell
11 anterior ventral CN to CN bushy cell
12 anterior ventral CN to CN stellate cell
13 aplysia to aplysia motor nrn
14 aplysia to aplysia sensory nrn
15 aplysia to b31/b32 neurons
16 aplysia to cultured nrn
17 aplysia to feeding CPG nrns
18 aplysia to internrn
19 apylisa to R15
20 archicortex to hippocampus
21 auditory nerve to cochlear ganglion cell type II
22 Autonomic Nervous System
23 avian to nuc laminaris
24 barnacle to depressor scutorum rostralis cell
25 basal ganglia to globus pallidus
26 basal ganglia to neostriatum
27 basal ganglia to substantia nigra
28 basal ganglia to subthalamic nucl
29 Brainstem neuron to hypoglossal nerve
30 Brainstem to Brainstem neuron
31 Brainstem to Facial nucleus
32 Brainstem to Metencephalon
33 Brainstem to Myelencephalon
34 C. elegans to egg laying circuit
35 Ca chan to cav1.1
36 ca chan to cav1.2
37 ca chan to cav1.3
38 ca chan to cav2.1
39 ca chan to cav2.2
40 ca chan to cav3.1
41 ca chan to cav3.2
42 ca chan to cav3.3
43 CA to CA1 basket cell
44 CA to CA1 oriens alveus intern.
45 CA to CA1 pyr
46 CA to CA3 basket cell
47 CA to CA3 basket nrn
48 CA to CA3 O-L/M internrn
49 CA to CA3 pyr nrn
50 Ca to Hippocampus CA3 axo-axonic cells
51 CA1 interneur to axo-axonic
52 ca1 interneur to basket cck/vip
53 ca1 interneur to basket pv
54 ca1 interneur to bistratified
55 ca1 interneuro to basket cck/vglut3
56 ca1 pyr cell in oriens to CB negative
57 CA1 pyr cell in radiatum to CB negative
58 CA2 interneur to GAD67
59 CA2 pyramidal neuron to RGS14
60 cardiac to heart cell
61 cardiac-vert. to cardiac atrial
62 cardiac-vert. to cardiav ventricular cell
63 Cerebellar deep nucleus neuron to deep nucleus
64 cerebellum to cerebellar golgi cell
65 cerebellum to cerebellar granule cell
66 cerebellum to cerebellar purkinje cell
67 cerebellum to cerebellum
68 cerebellum to cerebellum deep nucleus
69 Channels is a root of the extended gene tree
70 channels to ca dependent K chan
71 channels to calcium
72 channels to chloride channels
73 channels to non-specific ion channel
74 channels to sodium
75 channels to volt-gated potassium
76 chloride channels to clc-2
77 classes of cells to neuroblastoma
78 classes of cells to NG108-15
79 classes of neurons to myelinated neuron
80 CN stellate cell to T stellate cell
81 coch nuc to dorsal CN
82 cochlea to auditory nerve
83 cochlea to hair cell auditory
84 cochlear nucl to ventral cochlear nucl
85 cornu ammonis (CA) to CA3 radiatum, oriens lacunosum molecular interneuron
86 Cornu Amonis (CA) to CA1 axo-axonic cell
87 Cornu amonis to CA1 bistratified cell
88 cornu amonis to CA1 PV+ fast-firing
89 cortex to inhibitory internrn
90 cortex to proj. nrn
91 crab to stg
92 crayfish motor neuron
93 crayfish to identified nonspiking internrn
94 Dentate gyrup MOPP cell
95 dentate to dentate basket cell
96 dentate to dentate granule cell
97 dentate to dentate hilar cell
98 dentate to dentate mossy cell
99 dienceph to hypothalamus
100 dienceph to retina
101 dienceph to thalamus
102 Dopamine receptor to D1
103 Dopamine receptor to D2
104 dorsal cn to CN pyr fusiform cell
105 Dorsal Horn to Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell type Ia
106 Dorsal Horn to Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell type II
107 dorsal horn to lamina I neuron
108 dorsal horn to wide dynamic range neuron
109 Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cell
110 drosophila to drosoph. projection nrn
111 egg-laying circuit to HSN
112 egg-laying circuit to uv1
113 egg-laying circuit to VC
114 elec fish to ell pyr cell
115 elec fish to midbrain torus semicirc. nrn
116 elec fish to p- and t- type primary afferent
117 Enteric Nervous System
118 enteric nervous system to ICCim
119 enteric nervous system to ICCmy
120 enteric nervous system to Intrinsic sensory neuron of gut
121 Entorhinal cortex
122 Entorhinal cortex stellate cell
123 Facial nucleus to Vibrissa motoneuron
124 fly lamina neuron
125 fly lobular plate VS cell
126 fly medulla neuron
127 fly to fly lobular plate VS cell
128 fly VS tangential
129 forebrain to archicortex
130 forebrain to basal gang.
131 forebrain to diencephalon
132 forebrain to neocortex
133 forebrain to olfactory bulb
134 forebrain to olfactory epithelium
135 forebrain to paleocortex
136 Gastrointestinal tract intrinsic sensory neuron
137 globus pallidus to gp neuron
138 Grueneberg ganglion neuron in olfactory bulb
139 HCN ion chan title to HCNs
140 HCN ion channel title to HCN1
141 HCN title to HCN2
142 HCN title to HCN3
143 HCN title to HCN4
144 Helix pomatia to RPa1
145 hermissenda to type a photor.
146 hermissenda to type B photor.
147 hippocamp Klausberger to CA1 pyr cell
148 hippocamp Klausberger to CA1 pyr cell body in oriens
149 hippocamp Klausberger to CA1 pyr cell body in radiatum
150 hippocamp Kohara et al 2014 to CA2 interneurons
151 hippocamp Kohara et al 2014 to CA2 principle
152 Hippocampus CA1 stratum radiatum interneuron
153 hippocampus Klausberger Somogi 2008 to CA1 interneurons
154 hippocampus to cornu ammonis (CA)
155 hippocampus to dentate
156 hippocampus to dissociated hipp. neuron
157 Hodgkin-Huxley
158 honeybee to kenyon cell
159 Hypothalamus to GnRH neuron
160 inhib inter nrn to T ST C
161 inhib inter nrn to T SU C
162 inhib internrn to T H L
163 inner ear to cochlea
164 inner ear to vestibular organ
165 Intramuscular interstitial cell of Cajal (ICCIM)
166 invert to aplysia (circuit)
167 invert to c. elegans
168 invert to cardiac-invert
169 invert to crab
170 invert to crayfish
171 invert to drosophila
172 invert to fly
173 invert to fly
174 invert to hawkmoth deilephilia elpenor (circuit)
175 Invert to Helix pomatia
176 invert to helix pomatia (snail) (circuit)
177 invert to Hermissenda
178 invert to Hirudo
179 invert to honeybee
180 invert to leech (circuit)
181 invert to locust
182 invert to squid axon
183 invert to stg (circuit)
184 invert to tritonia
185 invert to tritonia (circuit)
186 Invertebrate is a root of the Regions table
187 invertebrate to aplysia
188 invertebrate to Stick insect
189 K chan to herg
190 K chan to irk
191 K chan to Kir2.1
192 K chan to Kir2.2
193 K chan to kir2.3
194 K chan to Kir2.4
195 K chan to kir6.2
196 K chan to kv 1.2
197 K chan to kv 4.1
198 K chan to kv1.1
199 K chan to kv1.3
200 K chan to kv1.4
201 K chan to kv1.5
202 K chan to kv1.9
203 K chan to kv2.1
204 K chan to kv3.1
205 K chan to kv3.3
206 K Chan to kv3.4
207 K chan to kv4.2
208 K chan to kv4.3
209 K_Ca to KCa2.1
210 K_Ca to KCa2.2
211 lamprey to spinal lamprey nrn
212 lateral superior olive in metenc
213 leech (cell table) to Retzius nrn
214 leech heart motor neuron
215 leech to Leech C interneuron
216 leech to leech heart internrn
217 leech to Leech S cell
218 leech to P cell
219 leech to T segmental sensory nrn
220 Locus Coeruleus
221 Locust to LGMD cell
222 metenceph to cerebellum
223 metenceph to cochlear nuc
224 metenceph to inner ear
225 metenceph to medial superior olive
226 metenceph to sup. paraoliv. nucl. nrn.
227 metenceph. to medial nucl. of the trapez. body
228 metencephalon to inferior olive neuron
229 misc to egg-laying circuit (circuit)
230 misc to generic (circuit)
231 misc to retina (circuit)
232 misc to tools (circuit)
233 misc to unknown (circuit)
234 Miscellaneous is a root of Regions table
235 Motor, Sens., & Vis. to Fast-spiking ctx deep neurogliaform internrn
236 Motor, Sens., & Vis. to Fast-spiking ctx internrn
237 Motor, Sens., & Vis. to Fast-spiking ctx superficial neurogliaform internrn
238 Motor, Somatosensory, & Visual to dissociated rat cortex
239 Motor, Somatosensory, and Visual to Spiny Stellate
240 Myelencephalon to Respiratory column neuron;
241 Myenteric interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCMY)
242 Neocortex LTS neuron
243 neocortex RS
244 Neocortex spiking irregular
245 Neocortex to Neocortex layer 4 neuron
246 Neocortex to Neocortex unspecified region
247 neocortex to visual and motor
248 neoctx to layer 2-3 internrn
249 neoctx to layer 4 internrn
250 neoctx to layer 4 pyr nrn
251 neoctx to layer 5 internrn
252 neoctx to layer 6a internrn
253 neostriatum spiny indirect
254 Neostriatum spiny neuron
255 neostriatum to neostriatal cholinergic intern.
256 neostriatum to neostriatal spiny neuron
257 neostriatum to Nucl. Accumbens
258 neostriatum to striatal fast spiking internrn
259 neural crest to neuroblastoma
260 neural crest to neuroblastoma
261 NEURAL is a parent of Abstract
262 NEURAL is a parent of Invertebrate
263 NEURAL is a parent of Vertebrate
264 NEURAL is a root of extended cell tree
265 NMDA R to NR2A
266 NMDA R to NR2B
267 NON-NEURAL is a parent of Arteriolar Network cells
268 NON-NEURAL is a parent of Astrocyte
269 NON-NEURAL is a parent of B lymphocytes
270 NON-NEURAL is a parent of Microglia
271 NON-NEURAL is a root of the extended cell tree
272 Non-neural to barnacle
273 NON_NEURAL is a parent of Cardiac-vert.
274 NON_NEURAL is a parent of Macrophages
275 Nucl. Accumbens to Nucl. Accum. Spiny Proj. nrn
276 ob to ob (removed)
277 ob to ob gc
278 ob to ob mc
279 ob to ob pg
280 oe to OR nrn
281 oe to orn olfac. epitheli. to olfact. recpt. nrn
282 olf. cort. to pyr nrn
283 olf. cortex to olf. cortex internrn. deep
284 olf. cortex to olf. cortex internrn. superficial
285 Olfactory bulb main granule TC cell
286 Olfactory bulb main juxtaglomerular cell
287 olfactory bulb main short axon cell
288 Olfactory bulb main tufted middle cell
289 paleocortex to olf. cortex
290 posterior ventral cn to cn octupus cell
291 posterior ventral CN to CN stellate cell
292 proj nrn to T L P
293 proj nrn to T M P
294 Receptors is a root of the extended gene tree
295 receptors to AChR
296 receptors to Dopamine R
297 receptors to NMDA
298 retina to reintal photorecptor
299 retina to retina ganglion cell
300 retina to retinal bipolar cell
301 SCN in Hypothalamus
302 SCN neuron in SCN
303 segment to dorsal horn
304 segment to ventral horn
305 septum medial gabaergic
306 Skeletal muscle
307 skeletal muscle cell in skeletal muscle
308 Spinal cord motor neuron
309 spinal cord to segment
310 stg to int1
311 stg to lg
312 stg to lp
313 stg to mc1
314 stick insect to stick insect internrn
315 Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric dilator neuron
316 Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric neuron
317 substantia nigra to nigral dop. cell
318 subthalamic nucl to subthalamic projection nrn
319 Sympathetic preganglionic neuron
320 teleost to teleost thalamic nrn
321 thalamus to dLGN interneuron
322 thalamus to Thalamic DLM projection neuron
323 thalamus to thalamic relay nrn
324 thalamus to thlamic reticular nrn
325 tritonia to cc2
326 tritonia to dsi
327 tritonia to vsi
328 turtle to cortex
329 turtle vestib sys to turtle vestib neuron
330 ventral cn to stellate cell
331 ventral cochl nuc to posterior ventral cn
332 ventral cochlear nuc to anterior vent CN
333 ventral horn to fatigue resistan motornrn
334 ventral horn to renshaw cell
335 ventral horn to slow twitch internrn
336 ventral horn to spinal Ia internrn
337 ventral horn to spinal Ib internrn
338 ventral horn to spinal motor nrn
339 ventral horn to tast fatiguing motornrn
340 vert to auditory cortex (circuit)
341 vert to adenohypophysis
342 vert to amygdala (circuit)
343 vert to auditory brainstem (circuit)
344 vert to avian
345 vert to basal gang. (circuit)
346 vert to brainstem (circuit)
347 vert to cerebellum (circuit)
348 vert to dentate (circuit)
349 vert to enteric nervous system
350 vert to entrohinal cortex (circuit)
351 vert to hippoc (circuit)
352 vert to Inferior Colliculus (circuit)
353 vert to lamprey
354 vert to lamprey, spinal cord, brainstem (circuit)
355 vert to large classes
356 vert to medial septum (circuit)
357 vert to neoctx (circuit)
358 vert to OB (circuit)
359 vert to Olf. ctx (circuit)
360 vert to prefrontal cortex (circuit)
361 vert to spinal motoneuron (circuit)
362 vert to striatum (circuit)
363 vert to subthalamic nucleus (circuit)
364 vert to superior colliculus(circuit)
365 vert to thalamus (circuit)
366 vert to turtle ctx (circuit)
367 vert. to arteriolar net
368 vert. to astrocyte
369 Vert. to Brainstem
370 vert. to cardiac-vert
371 vert. to elect. fish
372 vert. to forebrain
373 vert. to Spinal Cord
374 vert. to teleost
375 vert. to turtle vestib sys
376 Vertebrate is a root of the Region Network
377 vertebrate to turtle
378 Vestib. organ to Vestibular neuron
379 vestibular organ to hair cell vestib
380 vibrissa motor plant in skeletal muscle
381 visual and motor to neocort pyr superficial
382 visual and motor to neocort. basket cell
383 visual and motor to neocort. pyr deep
384 visual somatosense and motor to bitufted
385 volt-gated na to nav
386 volt-gated na to nav
387 volt-gated na to nav1.1
388 volt-gated na to nav1.2
389 volt-gated na to nav1.3
390 volt-gated na to nav1.4
391 volt-gated na to nav1.5
392 volt-gated na to nav1.7
393 volt-gated na to nav1.8
394 volt-gated na to nav1.9
395 volt-gated na to nav2.1
396 volt-gated na to nav2.2
397 volt-gated na to nav2.3
398 volt-gated na to nav3.1