2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

201 K chan to kv1.5
202 K chan to kv1.9
203 K chan to kv2.1
204 K chan to kv3.1
205 K chan to kv3.3
206 K Chan to kv3.4
207 K chan to kv4.2
208 K chan to kv4.3
209 K_Ca to KCa2.1
210 K_Ca to KCa2.2
211 lamprey to spinal lamprey nrn
212 lateral superior olive in metenc
213 leech (cell table) to Retzius nrn
214 leech heart motor neuron
215 leech to Leech C interneuron
216 leech to leech heart internrn
217 leech to Leech S cell
218 leech to P cell
219 leech to T segmental sensory nrn
220 Locus Coeruleus
221 Locust to LGMD cell
222 metenceph to cerebellum
223 metenceph to cochlear nuc
224 metenceph to inner ear
225 metenceph to medial superior olive
226 metenceph to sup. paraoliv. nucl. nrn.
227 metenceph. to medial nucl. of the trapez. body
228 metencephalon to inferior olive neuron
229 misc to egg-laying circuit (circuit)
230 misc to generic (circuit)
231 misc to retina (circuit)
232 misc to tools (circuit)
233 misc to unknown (circuit)
234 Miscellaneous is a root of Regions table
235 Motor, Sens., & Vis. to Fast-spiking ctx deep neurogliaform internrn
236 Motor, Sens., & Vis. to Fast-spiking ctx internrn
237 Motor, Sens., & Vis. to Fast-spiking ctx superficial neurogliaform internrn
238 Motor, Somatosensory, & Visual to dissociated rat cortex
239 Motor, Somatosensory, and Visual to Spiny Stellate
240 Myelencephalon to Respiratory column neuron;