2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

241 Myenteric interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCMY)
242 Neocortex LTS neuron
243 neocortex RS
244 Neocortex spiking irregular
245 Neocortex to Neocortex layer 4 neuron
246 Neocortex to Neocortex unspecified region
247 neocortex to visual and motor
248 neoctx to layer 2-3 internrn
249 neoctx to layer 4 internrn
250 neoctx to layer 4 pyr nrn
251 neoctx to layer 5 internrn
252 neoctx to layer 6a internrn
253 neostriatum spiny indirect
254 Neostriatum spiny neuron
255 neostriatum to neostriatal cholinergic intern.
256 neostriatum to neostriatal spiny neuron
257 neostriatum to Nucl. Accumbens
258 neostriatum to striatal fast spiking internrn
259 neural crest to neuroblastoma
260 neural crest to neuroblastoma
261 NEURAL is a parent of Abstract
262 NEURAL is a parent of Invertebrate
263 NEURAL is a parent of Vertebrate
264 NEURAL is a root of extended cell tree
265 NMDA R to NR2A
266 NMDA R to NR2B
267 NON-NEURAL is a parent of Arteriolar Network cells
268 NON-NEURAL is a parent of Astrocyte
269 NON-NEURAL is a parent of B lymphocytes
270 NON-NEURAL is a parent of Microglia
271 NON-NEURAL is a root of the extended cell tree
272 Non-neural to barnacle
273 NON_NEURAL is a parent of Cardiac-vert.
274 NON_NEURAL is a parent of Macrophages
275 Nucl. Accumbens to Nucl. Accum. Spiny Proj. nrn
276 ob to ob (removed)
277 ob to ob gc
278 ob to ob mc
279 ob to ob pg
280 oe to OR nrn