2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

281 oe to orn olfac. epitheli. to olfact. recpt. nrn
282 olf. cort. to pyr nrn
283 olf. cortex to olf. cortex internrn. deep
284 olf. cortex to olf. cortex internrn. superficial
285 Olfactory bulb main granule TC cell
286 Olfactory bulb main juxtaglomerular cell
287 olfactory bulb main short axon cell
288 Olfactory bulb main tufted middle cell
289 paleocortex to olf. cortex
290 posterior ventral cn to cn octupus cell
291 posterior ventral CN to CN stellate cell
292 proj nrn to T L P
293 proj nrn to T M P
294 Receptors is a root of the extended gene tree
295 receptors to AChR
296 receptors to Dopamine R
297 receptors to NMDA
298 retina to reintal photorecptor
299 retina to retina ganglion cell
300 retina to retinal bipolar cell
301 SCN in Hypothalamus
302 SCN neuron in SCN
303 segment to dorsal horn
304 segment to ventral horn
305 septum medial gabaergic
306 Skeletal muscle
307 skeletal muscle cell in skeletal muscle
308 Spinal cord motor neuron
309 spinal cord to segment
310 stg to int1
311 stg to lg
312 stg to lp
313 stg to mc1
314 stick insect to stick insect internrn
315 Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric dilator neuron
316 Stomatogastric ganglion pyloric neuron
317 substantia nigra to nigral dop. cell
318 subthalamic nucl to subthalamic projection nrn
319 Sympathetic preganglionic neuron
320 teleost to teleost thalamic nrn