2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having is parent of as Relationship

321 thalamus to dLGN interneuron
322 thalamus to Thalamic DLM projection neuron
323 thalamus to thalamic relay nrn
324 thalamus to thlamic reticular nrn
325 tritonia to cc2
326 tritonia to dsi
327 tritonia to vsi
328 turtle to cortex
329 turtle vestib sys to turtle vestib neuron
330 ventral cn to stellate cell
331 ventral cochl nuc to posterior ventral cn
332 ventral cochlear nuc to anterior vent CN
333 ventral horn to fatigue resistan motornrn
334 ventral horn to renshaw cell
335 ventral horn to slow twitch internrn
336 ventral horn to spinal Ia internrn
337 ventral horn to spinal Ib internrn
338 ventral horn to spinal motor nrn
339 ventral horn to tast fatiguing motornrn
340 vert to auditory cortex (circuit)
341 vert to adenohypophysis
342 vert to amygdala (circuit)
343 vert to auditory brainstem (circuit)
344 vert to avian
345 vert to basal gang. (circuit)
346 vert to brainstem (circuit)
347 vert to cerebellum (circuit)
348 vert to dentate (circuit)
349 vert to enteric nervous system
350 vert to entrohinal cortex (circuit)
351 vert to hippoc (circuit)
352 vert to Inferior Colliculus (circuit)
353 vert to lamprey
354 vert to lamprey, spinal cord, brainstem (circuit)
355 vert to large classes
356 vert to medial septum (circuit)
357 vert to neoctx (circuit)
358 vert to OB (circuit)
359 vert to Olf. ctx (circuit)
360 vert to prefrontal cortex (circuit)