2 Objects Relationship (edge) (s) having Extended gene tree as Membership in a tree

1 AChR to NAChR alpha 7
2 Ca chan to cav1.1
3 ca chan to cav1.2
4 ca chan to cav1.3
5 ca chan to cav2.1
6 ca chan to cav2.2
7 ca chan to cav3.1
8 ca chan to cav3.2
9 ca chan to cav3.3
10 Channels is a root of the extended gene tree
11 channels to ca dependent K chan
12 channels to calcium
13 channels to chloride channels
14 channels to non-specific ion channel
15 channels to sodium
16 channels to volt-gated potassium
17 chloride channels to clc-2
18 Dopamine receptor to D1
19 Dopamine receptor to D2
20 HCN ion chan title to HCNs
21 HCN ion channel title to HCN1
22 HCN title to HCN2
23 HCN title to HCN3
24 HCN title to HCN4
25 K chan to herg
26 K chan to irk
27 K chan to Kir2.1
28 K chan to Kir2.2
29 K chan to kir2.3
30 K chan to Kir2.4
31 K chan to kir6.2
32 K chan to kv 1.2
33 K chan to kv 4.1
34 K chan to kv1.1
35 K chan to kv1.3
36 K chan to kv1.4
37 K chan to kv1.5
38 K chan to kv1.9
39 K chan to kv2.1
40 K chan to kv3.1