Computational model (s) having Realistic Network as Model Type

161 FRAT: An amygdala-centered model of fear conditioning (Krasne et al. 2011)
162 Fronto-parietal visuospatial WM model with HH cells (Edin et al 2007)
163 Fully-Asynchronous Cache-Efficient Simulation of Detailed Neural Networks (Magalhaes et al 2019)
164 Functional balanced networks with synaptic plasticity (Sadeh et al, 2015)
165 Functional consequences of cortical circuit abnormalities on gamma in schizophrenia (Spencer 2009)
166 Functional properties of dendritic gap junctions in Cerebellar Golgi cells (Szoboszlay et al. 2016)
167 Gamma and theta rythms in biophysical models of hippocampus circuits (Kopell et al. 2011)
168 Gamma genesis in the basolateral amygdala (Feng et al 2019)
169 Gamma oscillations in hippocampal interneuron networks (Bartos et al 2002)
170 Gamma oscillations in hippocampal interneuron networks (Wang, Buzsaki 1996)
171 Gamma-beta alternation in the olfactory bulb (David, Fourcaud-Trocmé et al., 2015)
172 Gap junction coupled network of striatal fast spiking interneurons (Hjorth et al. 2009)
173 Gap junction plasticity as a mechanism to regulate network-wide oscillations (Pernelle et al 2018)
174 Gap-junction coupled network activity depends on coupled dendrites diameter (Gansert et al. 2007)
175 Gating of steering signals through phasic modulation of reticulospinal neurons (Kozlov et al. 2014)
176 Generating coherent patterns of activity from chaotic neural networks (Sussillo and Abbott 2009)
177 Generating oscillatory bursts from a network of regular spiking neurons (Shao et al. 2009)
178 GLMCC validation neural network model (Kobayashi et al. 2019)
179 Graph-theoretical Derivation of Brain Structural Connectivity (Giacopelli et al 2020)
180 Grid cell oscillatory interference with noisy network oscillators (Zilli and Hasselmo 2010)
181 Grid cell spatial firing models (Zilli 2012)
182 Grid cells from place cells (Castro & Aguiar, 2014)
183 Growth Rules for Repair of Asynch Irregular Networks after Peripheral Lesions (Sinha et al 2021)
184 H-currents effect on the fluctuation of gamma/beta oscillations (Avella-Gonzalez et al., 2015)
185 Half-center oscillator database of leech heart interneuron model (Doloc-Mihu & Calabrese 2011)
186 Healthy and Epileptic Hippocampal Circuit (Aussel et al 2022)
187 Hierarchical network model of perceptual decision making (Wimmer et al 2015)
188 High dimensional dynamics and low dimensional readouts in neural microcircuits (Haeusler et al 2006)
189 High frequency oscillations in a hippocampal computational model (Stacey et al. 2009)
190 High frequency stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus (Rubin and Terman 2004)
191 Hippocampal basket cell gap junction network dynamics (Saraga et al. 2006)
192 Hippocampal CA1 NN with spontaneous theta, gamma: full scale & network clamp (Bezaire et al 2016)
193 Hippocampal CA3 network and circadian regulation (Stanley et al. 2013)
194 Hippocampal spiking model for context dependent behavior (Raudies & Hasselmo 2014)
195 Hippocampus temporo-septal engram shift model (Lytton 1999)
196 Homeostatic mechanisms may shape oscillatory modulations (Peterson & Voytek 2020)
197 Homosynaptic plasticity in the tail withdrawal circuit (TWC) of Aplysia (Baxter and Byrne 2006)
198 Hopfield and Brody model (Hopfield, Brody 2000)
199 Hopfield and Brody model (Hopfield, Brody 2000) (NEURON+python)
200 Human Attentional Networks: A Connectionist Model (Wang and Fan 2007)