Computational model (s) having Realistic Network as Model Type

281 Modular grid cell responses as a basis for hippocampal remapping (Monaco and Abbott 2011)
282 Modulation of hippocampal rhythms by electric fields and network topology (Berzhanskaya et al. 2013)
283 Modulation of septo-hippocampal theta activity by GABAA receptors (Hajos et al. 2004)
284 Motor cortex microcircuit simulation based on brain activity mapping (Chadderdon et al. 2014)
285 Motor system model with reinforcement learning drives virtual arm (Dura-Bernal et al 2017)
286 Multi-area layer-resolved spiking network model of resting-state dynamics in macaque visual cortex
287 Multiplication by NMDA receptors in Direction Selective Ganglion cells (Poleg-Polsky & Diamond 2016)
288 Multiscale model of excitotoxicity in PD (Muddapu and Chakravarthy 2020)
289 Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus: a neural network model (Ursino et al. 2009)
290 Multistability of clustered states in a globally inhibitory network (Chandrasekaran et al. 2009)
291 Multitarget pharmacology for Dystonia in M1 (Neymotin et al 2016)
292 Muscle spindle feedback circuit (Moraud et al, 2016)
293 Na channel mutations in the dentate gyrus (Thomas et al. 2009)
294 Neocort. pyramidal cells subthreshold somatic voltage controls spike propagation (Munro Kopell 2012)
295 NETMORPH: creates NNs with realistic neuron morphologies (Koene et al. 2009, van Ooyen et al. 2014)
296 Network bursts in cultured NN result from different adaptive mechanisms (Masquelier & Deco 2013)
297 Network model of the granular layer of the cerebellar cortex (Maex, De Schutter 1998)
298 Network model with dynamic ion concentrations (Ullah et al. 2009)
299 Network model with neocortical architecture (Anderson et al 2007,2012; Azhar et al 2012)
300 Network models of frequency modulated sweep detection (Skorheim et al. 2014)
301 Network recruitment to coherent oscillations in a hippocampal model (Stacey et al. 2011)
302 Network topologies for producing limited sustained activation (Kaiser and Hilgetag 2010)
303 Networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategies (Brette et al. 2007)
304 Neural Interactome: interactive simulation of a neuronal system (Kim et al 2019)
305 Neural mass model based on single cell dynamics to model pathophysiology (Zandt et al 2014)
306 Neural model of frog ventilatory rhythmogenesis (Horcholle-Bossavit and Quenet 2009)
307 Neural modeling of an internal clock (Yamazaki and Tanaka 2008)
308 Neural transformations on spike timing information (Tripp and Eliasmith 2007)
309 Neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb controlled by top-down input (Adams et al 2018)
310 Neuromorphic muscle spindle model (Vannucci et al 2017)
311 Neuron-based control mechanisms for a robotic arm and hand (Singh et al 2017)
312 Neuronify: An Educational Simulator for Neural Circuits (Dragly et al 2017)
313 NMDAR & GABAB/KIR Give Bistable Dendrites: Working Memory & Sequence Readout (Sanders et al., 2013)
314 Noise promotes independent control of gamma oscillations and grid firing (Solanka et al 2015)
315 Nonlinear dendritic processing in barrel cortex spiny stellate neurons (Lavzin et al. 2012)
316 Normal ripples, abnormal ripples, and fast ripples in a hippocampal model (Fink et al. 2015)
317 Norns - Neural Network Studio (Visser & Van Gils 2014)
318 Numerical Integration of Izhikevich and HH model neurons (Stewart and Bair 2009)
319 Olfactory bulb cluster formation (Migliore et al. 2010)
320 Olfactory bulb juxtaglomerular models (Carey et al., 2015)