Computational model (s) having Axon as Model Type

1 A detailed Purkinje cell model (Masoli et al 2015)
2 A model of the T-junction of a C-fiber sensory neuron (Sundt et al. 2015)
3 Action Potential initiation and backpropagation in Neocortical L5 Pyramidal Neuron (Hu et al. 2009)
4 AP back-prop. explains threshold variability and rapid rise (McCormick et al. 2007, Yu et al. 2008)
5 AP initiation, propagation, and cortical invasion in a Layer 5 pyramidal cell (Anderson et 2018)
6 Axon growth model (Diehl et al. 2016)
7 Axonal HH-model for temperature stimulation (Fribance et al 2016)
8 Axonal spheroids and conduction defects in Alzheimer’s disease (Yuan, Zhang, Tong, et al 2022)
9 Axonal subthreshold voltage signaling along hippocampal mossy fiber (Kamiya 2022)
10 Biologically Constrained Basal Ganglia model (BCBG model) (Lienard, Girard 2014)
11 Biophysically realistic neuron models for simulation of cortical stimulation (Aberra et al. 2018)
12 CA1 pyramidal cell: reconstructed axonal arbor and failures at weak gap junctions (Vladimirov 2011)
13 CA1 pyramidal neuron: functional significance of axonal Kv7 channels (Shah et al. 2008)
14 CA1 pyramidal neuron: Persistent Na current mediates steep synaptic amplification (Hsu et al 2018)
15 Cerebellum granule cell FHF (Dover et al. 2016)
16 Compartmental models of growing neurites (Graham and van Ooyen 2004)
17 Comprehensive models of human cortical pyramidal neurons (Eyal et al 2018)
18 Conduction in uniform myelinated axons (Moore et al 1978)
19 Continuous time stochastic model for neurite branching (van Elburg 2011)
20 Continuum model of tubulin-driven neurite elongation (Graham et al 2006)
21 Contribution of the axon initial segment to APs recorded extracellularly (Telenczuk et al 2018)
22 Cooling reverses pathological spontaneous firing caused by mild traumatic injury (Barlow et al 2018)
23 Cortical Basal Ganglia Network Model during Closed-loop DBS (Fleming et al 2020)
24 Current flow during PAP in squid axon at diameter change (Joyner et al 1980)
25 Demyelinated and remyelinating axon conductances (Hines, Shrager 1991)
26 Dentate granule cell: mAHP & sAHP; SK & Kv7/M channels (Mateos-Aparicio et al., 2014)
27 Diameter, Myelination and Na/K pump interactions affect axonal resilience to high frequency spiking
28 Dipolar extracellular potentials generated by axonal projections (McColgan et al 2017)
29 Direct recruitment of S1 pyramidal cells and interneurons via ICMS (Overstreet et al., 2013)
30 Double cable myelinated axon (Layer 5 pyramidal neuron; Cohen et al 2020)
31 Earthworm medial giant fiber conduction velocity across electrical synapses (Heller, Crisp 2016)
32 Effect of trp-like current on APs during exposure to sinusoidal voltage (Chen et al. 2010)
33 ELL Medium Ganglion cell (Muller et al 2019)
34 Ephaptic interactions in olfactory nerve (Bokil et al 2001)
35 Evaluation of passive component of propagating AP in mossy fiber axons (Ohura & Kamiya 2018)
36 Explaining pathological changes in axonal excitability by dynamical analysis (Coggan et al. 2011)
37 Extracellular stimulation of myelinated axon (Reilly 2016)
38 Globus pallidus neuron models with differing dendritic Na channel expression (Edgerton et al., 2010)
39 GPi/GPe neuron models (Johnson and McIntyre 2008)
40 High frequency oscillations induced in three gap-junction coupled neurons (Tseng et al. 2008)