Computational model (s) having Methods as Model Concept

1 3D-printer visualization of NEURON models (McDougal and Shepherd, 2015)
2 A comparative computer simulation of dendritic morphology (Donohue and Ascoli 2008)
3 A CORF computational model of a simple cell that relies on LGN input (Azzopardi & Petkov 2012)
4 A detailed data-driven network model of prefrontal cortex (Hass et al 2016)
5 A fast model of voltage-dependent NMDA Receptors (Moradi et al. 2013)
6 A finite volume method for stochastic integrate-and-fire models (Marpeau et al. 2009)
7 A generic MAPK cascade model for random parameter sampling analysis (Mai and Liu 2013)
8 A set of reduced models of layer 5 pyramidal neurons (Bahl et al. 2012)
9 A simplified cerebellar Purkinje neuron (the PPR model) (Brown et al. 2011)
10 Accelerating with FlyBrainLab discovery of the functional logic of Drosophila brain (Lazar et al 21)
11 Accurate and fast simulation of channel noise in conductance-based model neurons (Linaro et al 2011)
12 Activity constraints on stable neuronal or network parameters (Olypher and Calabrese 2007)
13 Allosteric gating of K channels (Horrigan et al 1999)
14 Analytical modelling of temperature effects on an AMPA-type synapse (Kufel & Wojcik 2018)
15 Analyzing neural time series data theory and practice (Cohen 2014)
16 AP shape and parameter constraints in optimization of compartment models (Weaver and Wearne 2006)
17 Automated metadata suggester (McDougal et al 2018)
18 Boolean network-based analysis of the apoptosis network (Mai and Liu 2009)
19 Brain Dynamics Toolbox (Heitmann & Breakspear 2016, 2017, 2018)
20 Brain networks simulators - a comparative study (Tikidji-Hamburyan et al 2017)
21 Cell splitting in neural networks extends strong scaling (Hines et al. 2008)
22 Cellular classes revealed by heartbeat-related modulation of extracellular APs (Mosher et al 2020)
23 Cellular function given parametric variation in the HH model of excitability (Ori et al 2018)
24 Channel density variability among CA1 neurons (Migliore et al. 2018)
25 Channel parameter estimation from current clamp and neuronal properties (Toth, Crunelli 2001)
26 Code to calc. spike-trig. ave (STA) conduct. from Vm (Pospischil et al. 2007, Rudolph et al. 2007)
27 Collection of simulated data from a thalamocortical network model (Glabska, Chintaluri, Wojcik 2017)
28 Combining modeling, deep learning for MEA neuron localization, classification (Buccino et al 2018)
29 Comparison of full and reduced globus pallidus models (Hendrickson 2010)
30 Composite spiking network/neural field model of Parkinsons (Kerr et al 2013)
31 Connection-set Algebra (CSA) for the representation of connectivity in NN models (Djurfeldt 2012)
32 Constructed Tessellated Neuronal Geometries (CTNG) (McDougal et al. 2013)
33 Data-driven, HH-type model of the lateral pyloric (LP) cell in the STG (Nowotny et al. 2008)
34 Detailed analysis of trajectories in the Morris water maze (Gehring et al. 2015)
35 Dipole Localization Kit (Mechler & Victor, 2012)
36 Discrete event simulation in the NEURON environment (Hines and Carnevale 2004)
37 Distinct current modules shape cellular dynamics in model neurons (Alturki et al 2016)
38 Distributed computing tool for NEURON, NEURONPM (screensaver) (Calin-Jageman and Katz 2006)
39 DynaSim: a MATLAB toolbox for neural modeling and simulation (Sherfey et al 2018)
40 Efficient estimation of detailed single-neuron models (Huys et al. 2006)