Computational model (s) having Winner-take-all as Model Concept

1 Biologically Constrained Basal Ganglia model (BCBG model) (Lienard, Girard 2014)
2 Cortex learning models (Weber at al. 2006, Weber and Triesch, 2006, Weber and Wermter 2006/7)
3 Democratic population decisions result in robust policy-gradient learning (Richmond et al. 2011)
4 Development of orientation-selective simple cell receptive fields (Rishikesh and Venkatesh, 2003)
5 First-Spike-Based Visual Categorization Using Reward-Modulated STDP (Mozafari et al. 2018)
6 Hierarchical network model of perceptual decision making (Wimmer et al 2015)
7 Human Attentional Networks: A Connectionist Model (Wang and Fan 2007)
8 Model of the cerebellar granular network (Sudhakar et al 2017)
9 Place and grid cells in a loop (Rennó-Costa & Tort 2017)
10 Relative spike time coding and STDP-based orientation selectivity in V1 (Masquelier 2012)
11 Self-influencing synaptic plasticity (Tamosiunaite et al. 2007)
12 STDP and NMDAR Subunits (Gerkin et al. 2007)
13 Striatal GABAergic microcircuit, spatial scales of dynamics (Humphries et al, 2010)