Computational model (s) having NEURON as Simulator software

321 Effects of synaptic location and timing on synaptic integration (Rall 1964)
322 Effects of the membrane AHP on the Lateral Superior Olive (LSO) (Zhou & Colburn 2010)
323 Efficient Method for Computing Synaptic Conductance (Destexhe et al 1994)
324 Efficient simulation of 3D reaction-diffusion in models of neurons (McDougal et al, 2022)
325 Electrically-coupled Retzius neurons (Vazquez et al. 2009)
326 Electrostimulation to reduce synaptic scaling driven progression of Alzheimers (Rowan et al. 2014)
327 Electrotonic transform and EPSCs for WT and Q175+/- spiny projection neurons (Goodliffe et al 2018)
328 eLIF and mAdExp: energy-based integrate-and-fire neurons (Fardet and Levina 2020)
329 ELL Medium Ganglion cell (Muller et al 2019)
330 Emergence of physiological oscillation frequencies in neocortex simulations (Neymotin et al. 2011)
331 Encoding and retrieval in a model of the hippocampal CA1 microcircuit (Cutsuridis et al. 2009)
332 Energy-efficient information transfer at thalamocortical synapses (Harris et al 2019)
333 Engaging distinct oscillatory neocortical circuits (Vierling-Claassen et al. 2010)
334 Enhancing the HH eqs: simulations based on the first publication in Biophys J (Moore 2015)
335 Ephaptic interactions in olfactory nerve (Bokil et al 2001)
336 Escape response latency in the Giant Fiber System of Drosophila melanogastor (Augustin et al 2019)
337 Estimation and Production of Time Intervals (Migliore et al 2001)
338 Evaluation of passive component of propagating AP in mossy fiber axons (Ohura & Kamiya 2018)
339 Excitability of PFC Basal Dendrites (Acker and Antic 2009)
340 Excitability of the soma in central nervous system neurons (Safronov et al 2000)
341 Excitation Properties of Computational Models of Unmyelinated Peripheral Axons (Pelot et al., 2021)
342 Excitatory and inhibitory interactions in populations of model neurons (Wilson and Cowan 1972)
343 Excitatory synaptic interactions in pyramidal neuron dendrites (Behabadi et al. 2012)
344 Extracellular Action Potential Simulations (Gold et al 2007)
345 Extracellular fields for a three-dimensional network of cells using NEURON (Appukuttan et al 2017)
346 Extracellular stimulation of myelinated axon (Reilly 2016)
347 Facilitation by residual calcium (Stockbridge, Hines 1982)
348 Factors contribution to GDP-induced [Cl-]i transients (Lombardi et al 2019)
349 Fast AMPA receptor signaling (Geiger et al 1997)
350 Fast sodium channel gating in mossy fiber axons (Schmidt-Hieber et al. 2010)
351 Fast Spiking Basket cells (Tzilivaki et al 2019)
352 Fast-spiking cortical interneuron (Golomb et al. 2007)
353 Febrile seizure-induced modifications to Ih (Chen et al 2001)
354 Feedforward heteroassociative network with HH dynamics (Lytton 1998)
355 Feedforward inhibition in pyramidal cells (Ferrante & Ascoli 2015)
356 FHF2KO and Wild-Type Mouse Cardiomyocyte Strands (Park et al 2020)
357 Firing neocortical layer V pyramidal neuron (Reetz et al. 2014; Stadler et al. 2014)
358 Firing patterns of CA3 hippocampal neurons (Soldado-Magraner et al. 2019)
359 Fluctuating synaptic conductances recreate in-vivo-like activity (Destexhe et al 2001)
360 Fly lobular plate VS cell (Borst and Haag 1996, et al. 1997, et al. 1999)