Computational model (s) having FORTRAN as Simulator software

1 A single column thalamocortical network model (Traub et al 2005)
2 Axonal gap junctions produce fast oscillations in cerebellar Purkinje cells (Traub et al. 2008)
3 Dynamic cortical interlaminar interactions (Carracedo et al. 2013)
4 Endocannabinoid dynamics gate spike-timing dependent depression and potentiation (Cui et al 2016)
5 ERG current in repolarizing plateau potentials in dopamine neurons (Canavier et al 2007)
6 Network model with dynamic ion concentrations (Ullah et al. 2009)
7 NEUROFIT: fitting HH models to voltage clamp data (Willms 2002)
8 Nodes of Ranvier with left-shifted Nav channels (Boucher et al. 2012)
9 On stochastic diff. eq. models for ion channel noise in Hodgkin-Huxley neurons (Goldwyn et al. 2010)
10 The origin of different spike and wave-like events (Hall et al 2017)
11 Unbalanced peptidergic inhibition in superficial cortex underlies seizure activity (Hall et al 2015)