Computational model (s) having Neocortex U1 L6 pyramidal corticalthalamic GLU cell as Model Neurons

1 A single column thalamocortical network model (Traub et al 2005)
2 Direct recruitment of S1 pyramidal cells and interneurons via ICMS (Overstreet et al., 2013)
3 Dynamics of sleep oscillations coupled to brain temperature on multiple scales (Csernai et al 2019)
4 Effect of ionic diffusion on extracellular potentials (Halnes et al 2016)
5 Neural mass model of the sleeping thalamocortical system (Schellenberger Costa et al 2016)
6 Non-Weak E-Fields Pyramidal Neurons (Reznik et. al.,2015)
7 The origin of different spike and wave-like events (Hall et al 2017)
8 Unbalanced peptidergic inhibition in superficial cortex underlies seizure activity (Hall et al 2015)