Computational model (s) having Spinal cord lumbar motor neuron alpha ACh cell as Model Neurons

1 A model of slow motor unit (Kim, 2017)
2 A simplified model of NMDA oscillations in lamprey locomotor neurons (Huss et al. 2008)
3 Activity dependent changes in motoneurones (Dai Y et al 2002, Gardiner et al 2002)
4 Axon-somatic back-propagation in a detailed model of cat spinal motoneuron (Balbi et al, 2015)
5 Breakdown of accmmodation in nerve: a possible role for INAp (Hennings et al 2005)
6 Discharge hysteresis in motoneurons (Powers & Heckman 2015)
7 Excitability of the soma in central nervous system neurons (Safronov et al 2000)
8 Locational influence of dendritic PIC on input-output properties of spinal motoneurons (Kim 2017)
9 Motoneuron model of self-sustained firing after spinal cord injury (Kurian et al. 2011)
10 Motoneuron pool input-output function (Powers & Heckman 2017)
11 Motoneuron simulations for counting motor units (Major and Jones 2005)
12 PyMUS: A Python based Motor Unit Simulator (Kim & Kim 2018)
13 Recurrent discharge in a reduced model of cat spinal motoneuron (Balbi et al, 2013)
14 Regulation of motoneuron excitability by KCNQ/Kv7 modulators (Lombardo & Harrington 2016)
15 Simulation system of spinal cord motor nuclei and assoc. nerves and muscles (Cisi and Kohn 2008)
16 Simulations of motor unit discharge patterns (Powers et al. 2011)
17 Site of impulse initiation in a neuron (Moore et al 1983)
18 Spinal Motor Neuron (Dodge, Cooley 1973)
19 Spinal Motor Neuron (McIntyre et al 2002)
20 Spinal Motor Neuron: Na, K_A, and K_DR currents (Safronov, Vogel 1995)
21 Stochastic 3D model of neonatal rat spinal motoneuron (Ostroumov 2007)
22 Sympathetic Preganglionic Neurone (Briant et al. 2014)