Computational model (s) having I_K,Na as Model Currents

1 A Fast Rhythmic Bursting Cell: in vivo cell modeling (Lee 2007)
2 A multiphysics neuron model for cellular volume dynamics (Lee et al. 2011)
3 A NN with synaptic depression for testing the effects of connectivity on dynamics (Jacob et al 2019)
4 Active dendrites shape signaling microdomains in hippocampal neurons (Basak & Narayanan 2018)
5 An ion-based model for swelling of neurons and astrocytes (Hubel & Ullah 2016)
6 Anoxic depolarization, recovery: effect of brain regions and extracellular space (Hubel et al. 2016)
7 Axonal HH-model for temperature stimulation (Fribance et al 2016)
8 Computational model of bladder small DRG neuron soma (Mandge & Manchanda 2018)
9 ELL Medium Ganglion Cell (Mormyrid fish) (Muller et al, accepted)
10 Fly lobular plate VS cell (Borst and Haag 1996, et al. 1997, et al. 1999)
11 Gap junction coupled network of striatal fast spiking interneurons (Hjorth et al. 2009)
12 Multiscale model of olfactory receptor neuron in mouse (Dougherty 2009)
13 Neural mass model of the neocortex under sleep regulation (Costa et al 2016)
14 Neural mass model of the sleeping cortex (Weigenand et al 2014)
15 Neural mass model of the sleeping thalamocortical system (Schellenberger Costa et al 2016)
16 Parallel Tempering MCMC on Liu et al 1998 (Wang et al 2022)
17 Parametric computation and persistent gamma in a cortical model (Chambers et al. 2012)
18 Spectral method and high-order finite differences for nonlinear cable (Omurtag and Lytton 2010)