Computational model (s) having I K,Ca as Model Currents

81 Axonal Projection and Interneuron Types (Helmstaedter et al. 2008)
82 Basal ganglia-thalamic network model for deep brain stimulation (So et al. 2012)
83 BK Channels Promote Bursting in Pituitary Cells (Tabak et al 2011)
84 Ca+/HCN channel-dependent persistent activity in multiscale model of neocortex (Neymotin et al 2016)
85 Ca-dependent K Channel: kinetics from rat muscle (Moczydlowski, Latorre 1983) NEURON
86 Ca-dependent K Channel: kinetics from rat muscle (Moczydlowski, Latorre 1983) XPP
87 CA1 network model for place cell dynamics (Turi et al 2019)
88 CA1 network model: interneuron contributions to epileptic deficits (Shuman et al 2020)
89 CA1 pyramidal cell: reconstructed axonal arbor and failures at weak gap junctions (Vladimirov 2011)
90 CA1 pyramidal neuron (Combe et al 2018)
91 CA1 pyramidal neuron to study INaP properties and repetitive firing (Uebachs et al. 2010)
92 CA1 pyramidal neuron: as a 2-layer NN and subthreshold synaptic summation (Poirazi et al 2003)
93 CA1 pyramidal neuron: depolarization block (Bianchi et al. 2012)
94 CA1 pyramidal populations after high frequency head impacts (Chapman, et al., 2023)
95 CA1 pyramidal: Stochastic amplification of KCa in Ca2+ microdomains (Stanley et al. 2011)
96 CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neuron with voltage-clamp intrinsic conductance data (Traub et al 1991)
97 CA3 pyramidal cell: rhythmogenesis in a reduced Traub model (Pinsky, Rinzel 1994)
98 CA3 pyramidal neuron (Lazarewicz et al 2002)
99 CA3 Pyramidal Neuron (Migliore et al 1995)
100 CA3 pyramidal neuron: firing properties (Hemond et al. 2008)
101 Calcium dynamics depend on dendritic diameters (Anwar et al. 2014)
102 Calcium influx during striatal upstates (Evans et al. 2013)
103 Calcium response prediction in the striatal spines depending on input timing (Nakano et al. 2013)
104 Cell signaling/ion channel variability effects on neuronal response (Anderson, Makadia, et al. 2015)
105 Cell-type specific integration of feedforward and feedback synaptic inputs (Ridner et al, 2022)
106 Cerebellar Golgi cell (Solinas et al. 2007a, 2007b)
107 Cerebellar granular layer (Maex and De Schutter 1998)
108 Cerebellar purkinje cell (De Schutter and Bower 1994)
109 Cerebellar purkinje cell: interacting Kv3 and Na currents influence firing (Akemann, Knopfel 2006)
110 Cerebellar purkinje cell: K and Ca channels regulate APs (Miyasho et al 2001)
111 Cerebellar Purkinje Cell: resurgent Na current and high frequency firing (Khaliq et al 2003)
112 Cerebellum granule cell FHF (Dover et al. 2016)
113 Cerebellum Purkinje cell: dendritic ion channels activated by climbing fibre (Ait Ouares et al 2019)
114 Changes of ionic concentrations during seizure transitions (Gentiletti et al. 2016)
115 Channel density variability among CA1 neurons (Migliore et al. 2018)
116 Cholinergic and nicotinic regulation of DA neuron firing (Morozova et al 2020)
117 Circadian rhythmicity shapes astrocyte morphology and neuronal function in CA1 (McCauley et al 2020)
118 Collection of simulated data from a thalamocortical network model (Glabska, Chintaluri, Wojcik 2017)
119 Comparison of full and reduced globus pallidus models (Hendrickson 2010)
120 Complex CA1-neuron to study AP initiation (Wimmer et al. 2010)