Computational model (s) having Gabbiani, F as Implemented by

1 CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neuron with voltage-clamp intrinsic conductance data (Traub et al 1991)
2 Leaky integrate-and-fire model of spike frequency adaptation in the LGMD (Gabbiani and Krapp 2006)
3 LGMD - ON excitation to dendritic field C
4 LGMD with 3D morphology and active dendrites (Dewell & Gabbiani 2018)
5 M-current in a collision detection neuron (LGMD model) (Dewell & Gabbiani 2018)
6 Spike frequency adaptation in the LGMD (Peron and Gabbiani 2009)
7 Synaptic integration in a model of granule cells (Gabbiani et al 1994)
8 Vertical System (VS) tangential cells network model (Trousdale et al. 2014)