Computational model (s) having Wu, Jiun-Shian [coolneon at] as Implemented by

1 Allosteric gating of K channels (Horrigan et al 1999)
2 Ca(2+) oscillations based on Ca-induced Ca-release (Dupont et al 1991)
3 Consequences of HERG mutations in the long QT syndrome (Clancy, Rudy 2001)
4 HERG K+ channels spike-frequency adaptation (Chiesa et al 1997)
5 Kv4.3, Kv1.4 encoded K(+) channel in heart cells (Greenstein et al 2000) (XPP)
6 Markovian model for cardiac sodium channel (Clancy, Rudy 2002)
7 Markovian model for single-channel recordings of Ik_1 in ventricular cells (Matsuoka et al 2003)
8 Role of KCNQ1 and IKs in cardiac repolarization (Silva, Rudy 2005) (XPP)