Computational model (s) having Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron as More Cells

1 Conductance-based model of Layer-4 in the barrel cortex (Argaman et Golomb 2017)
2 CRH modulates excitatory transmission and network physiology in hippocampus (Gunn et al. 2017)
3 Fronto-parietal visuospatial WM model with HH cells (Edin et al 2007)
4 Gamma oscillations in hippocampal interneuron networks (Bartos et al 2002)
5 Gamma oscillations in hippocampal interneuron networks (Wang, Buzsaki 1996)
6 Hippocampal basket cell gap junction network dynamics (Saraga et al. 2006)
7 L4 cortical barrel NN model receiving thalamic input during whisking or touch (Gutnisky et al. 2017)
8 Layer-specific pyramidal cell props underlie diverse ACC motor + limbic networks (Medalla et al '21)
9 Modeling the effects of dopamine on network synchronization (Komek et al. 2012)
10 Patterns of synchronization in 2D networks of inhibitory neurons (Miller et al, 2022)
11 Persistent synchronized bursting activity in cortical tissues (Golomb et al 2005)
12 Response properties of neocort. neurons to temporally modulated noisy inputs (Koendgen et al. 2008)
13 Striatal Output Neuron (Mahon, Deniau, Charpier, Delord 2000)
14 Structure-dynamics relationships in bursting neuronal networks revealed (Mäki-Marttunen et al. 2013)
15 Wang-Buzsaki Interneuron (Talathi et al., 2010)