Computational model (s) having Auditory nerve as More Cells

1 A kinetic model unifying presynaptic short-term facilitation and depression (Lee et al. 2009)
2 Auditory nerve model for predicting performance limits (Heinz et al 2001)
3 Auditory nerve model with linear tuning (Heinz et al 2001)
4 Auditory nerve response model (Tan, Carney 2003)
5 Auditory nerve response model (Zhang et al 2001)
6 Auditory nerve spontaneous rate histograms (Jackson and Carney 2005)
7 Cat auditory nerve model (Zilany and Bruce 2006, 2007)
8 Cochlea: inner ear models in Python (Zilany et al 2009, 2014; Holmberg M 2007)
9 Cochlear implant models (Bruce et al. 1999a, b, c, 2000)
10 Encoding and discrimination of vowel-like sounds (Tan and Carney 2005)
11 High entrainment constrains synaptic depression in a globular bushy cell (Rudnicki & Hemmert 2017)
12 Human auditory periphery model: cochlea, IHC-AN, auditory brainstem responses (Verhulst et al 2018)
13 Long-term adaptation with power-law dynamics (Zilany et al. 2009)
14 Model of neural responses to amplitude-modulated tones (Nelson and Carney 2004)
15 Models analysis for auditory-nerve synapse (Zhang and Carney 2005)
16 Models for diotic and dichotic detection (Davidson et al. 2009)
17 Point process framework for modeling electrical stimulation of auditory nerve (Goldwyn et al. 2012)
18 Predicting formant-frequency discrimination in noise (Tan and Carney 2006)
19 Sound-evoked activity in peripheral axons of type I spiral ganglion neurons (Budak et al. 2021)