Computational model (s) having Dentate gyrus hilar cell as More Cells

1 Dentate gyrus (Morgan et al. 2007, 2008, Santhakumar et al. 2005, Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen et al. 2007)
2 Dentate gyrus network model (Santhakumar et al 2005)
3 Dentate gyrus network model (Tejada et al 2014)
4 Dentate gyrus network model pattern separation and granule cell scaling in epilepsy (Yim et al 2015)
5 Epilepsy may be caused by very small functional changes in ion channels (Thomas et al. 2009)
6 In vivo imaging of dentate gyrus mossy cells in behaving mice (Danielson et al 2017)
7 Long time windows from theta modulated inhib. in entorhinal–hippo. loop (Cutsuridis & Poirazi 2015)
8 Na channel mutations in the dentate gyrus (Thomas et al. 2009)
9 State dependent drug binding to sodium channels in the dentate gyrus (Thomas & Petrou 2013)