Computational model (s) having Unknown as Region Organism

1 Calcium waves in neuroblastoma cells (Fink et al. 2000)
2 Effects of synaptic location and timing on synaptic integration (Rall 1964)
3 Fisher and Shannon information in finite neural populations (Yarrow et al. 2012)
4 IP3R model comparison (Hituri and Linne 2013)
5 Single neuron with dynamic ion concentrations (Cressman et al. 2009)
6 Software for teaching neurophysiology of neuronal circuits (Grisham et al. 2008)
7 Spike Response Model simulator (Jolivet et al. 2004, 2006, 2008)
8 Tight junction model of CNS myelinated axons (Devaux and Gow 2008)