Computational model (s) having Kv1.2 KCNA2 as Gene

1 CA3 pyramidal neurons: Kv1.2 mediates modulation of cortical inputs (Hyun et al., 2015)
2 Discharge hysteresis in motoneurons (Powers & Heckman 2015)
3 DRG neuron models investigate how ion channel levels regulate firing properties (Zheng et al 2019)
4 KV1 channel governs cerebellar output to thalamus (Ovsepian et al. 2013)
5 Learning intrinsic excitability in Medium Spiny Neurons (Scheler 2014)
6 Multiscale simulation of the striatal medium spiny neuron (Mattioni & Le Novere 2013)
7 Selective control of cortical axonal spikes by a slowly inactivating K+ current (Shu et al. 2007)