Neuronal Currents (s) having Depolarisations beyond -40 mV activated a fast transient TTX-sensitive inward current. Once activated, INa declined exponentially to zero following a single exponential. The underlying conductance showed a sigmoidal activation between -40 and +30 mV, with half activation at -17.4 mV and a maximal value of 9.7 nS per neurone. The steady-state inactivation was complete at -30 mV and completely removed at -90 mV, with a midpoint at -56 mV. The activation process could be adequately described by third order kinetics, with time constants ranging from 260 microseconds at -20 mV to 70 microseconds at +50 mV. as Publication facts

1 Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular GABA cell | Soma | I Na,t