Pathological mechanism (s) having Hippocampus CA1 as Brain region

1 Abeta antagonizes alpha7 nAChR receptors; opposed by nicotine.
2 Abeta blocks voltage-gated Na+ channels in GABA neurons causing abberant excitation
3 Abeta causes selective neuronal mortality. This requires cell membrane binding.
4 Abeta decreases dendritic spine density and motility, increases spine legth. Rolipram blocks these e
5 Abeta inhibits late LTP in animal models of Alzheimers
6 Abeta inhibits LTP both in soluble and fibrillar conformational states
7 Abeta inhibits LTP through TNFalpha
8 Abeta inhibits nicotinic ACh receptors at pre-synaptic glutamatergic terminals
9 Abeta oligomer causes aberrant activity of p-21 activated kinase
10 Abeta oligomer inhibits p-21 activated kinase and stimulates ROCK signalling
11 Abeta peptides block LTP in rat CA1 in vivo
12 Abeta42/Abeta40 ratio correlates with impaired LTP in a mouse model of Alzheimers
13 Alpha4beta2 receptor blockade causes memory impairment
14 AMPA receptor downscaling in AD
15 Apolipoprotein E4 (Apo E4) levels are inversely correlated with dendritic spine density
16 BACE1 required for LTP at mossy fiber-CA3 synapses
17 beta Amyloid increases calcium currents
18 beta Amyloid increases calcium currents (2)
19 Beta-amyloid blocks high frequency stimulation induced LTP but not nicotine enhanced LTP
20 beta-Amyloid impairs LTP/LTD
21 beta-Amyloid potentiates Ca influx through L-type Ca channels
22 beta-amyloid reduces IA
23 beta-Amyloid-induced depression of LTP attenuated by Verapamil
24 Galantamine increases dopamine release in the hippocampus
25 Ginkgolides protect against amyloid-beta1-42-mediated synapse damage in vitro.
26 Inhibition of I_L impairs LTP in CA1 in vivo
27 Large decrease in spines in plaque-free regions of dentate gyrus in APP/PS1 mice
28 LTP requires BDNF and is associated with cytoskeleton-associated protein
29 Model block of I_A
30 Neurofibrillary tangles are correlated with spinophilin and with Alzheimer's cognitive decline
31 Nicotine decreases intracellular copper concentration; attenuates Abeta toxicity
32 Nicotine decreases intracellular Cu+2 concentration. Abeta increases.
33 Nicotine desensitize alpha7 nACh receptors and facilitates LTP
34 Nicotine enhances depressive actions of Abeta on LTP in rat CA1 region in vivo
35 Nicotine increases APP and APLP2 gene expression
36 Post-synaptic Drebrin correlated with Alzheimer's cognitive decline
37 Postsynaptic calcium concentration in aging neurons is closely associated with altered plasticity.
38 Regulation of back-propagating action potentials in hippocampal neurons.
39 Synapse Loss correlated with cognitive loss in mild Alzheimer's Disease