2 Objects Relationship (edge) - List

1 Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron
2 Abstract integrate-and-fire fractional leaky neuron
3 Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron
4 Abstract Izhikevich neuron
5 Abstract Morris-Lecar neuron
6 Abstract single compartment conductance based cell
7 Abstract theta neuron
8 Abstract Wang-Buzsaki neuron
9 AChR to NAChR alpha 7
10 adenohypophysis to pituitary cell
11 anterior ventral CN to CN bushy cell
12 anterior ventral CN to CN stellate cell
13 aplysia to aplysia motor nrn
14 aplysia to aplysia sensory nrn
15 aplysia to b31/b32 neurons
16 aplysia to cultured nrn
17 aplysia to feeding CPG nrns
18 aplysia to internrn
19 apylisa to R15
20 archicortex to hippocampus
21 auditory nerve to cochlear ganglion cell type II
22 Autonomic Nervous System
23 avian to nuc laminaris
24 barnacle to depressor scutorum rostralis cell
25 basal ganglia to globus pallidus
26 basal ganglia to neostriatum
27 basal ganglia to substantia nigra
28 basal ganglia to subthalamic nucl
29 Brainstem neuron to hypoglossal nerve
30 Brainstem to Brainstem neuron
31 Brainstem to Facial nucleus
32 Brainstem to Metencephalon
33 Brainstem to Myelencephalon
34 C. elegans to egg laying circuit
35 Ca chan to cav1.1
36 ca chan to cav1.2
37 ca chan to cav1.3
38 ca chan to cav2.1
39 ca chan to cav2.2
40 ca chan to cav3.1